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Lymphedema, as described by the National Cancer Institute is a poorly understood, underestimated, and under researched complication of breast cancer or its treatment. Patients often don’t know they’re at risk for lymphedema. Practitioners are unsure how to predict, diagnose or treat it. Pain, swelling and related infections can happen months, years or even decades after breast cancer surgery and treatment.

The lymphatic system is in essence the body’s cell waste disposal system. Body waste is collected then processed by the lymph nodes acting like garbage and recycling plants inside of your body.

Post breast cancer surgery these lymph nodes are blocked or damaged or removed due in part to tumors, surgery or radiation. When cell waste starts to pile up the limbs begin to swell. Lymphedema complications allow recurrent infections from unchecked bacteria that fester in stagnant lymph fluid.

Fortunately, lymphedema isn’t all that hard to manage if caught early. Listen to your body, the subtle symptoms and nip the condition in the bud. Breast lymphedema usually starts with an arm feeling heavy then beginning to swell. Your arm may ache, become less flexible or even itch.

Breast cancer patients often develop lymphedema, most due to the radiation or surgical removal of lymph nodes, anywhere from a couple weeks to eleven years post diagnosis. Sequential intermittent pneumatic compression pumps and sleeves are an effective way to treat lymphedema.

Lymphedema treatment, employing pneumatic compression pumps has proven to be successful in most patients. Without compression therapy, lymphedema can flourish. All things considered, the costs of pneumatic compression treatment are minimal and often covered by most insurances.

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