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We gladly accept MEDICARE and most other insurances. If you need more information please call 800 854-0335 or complete CONTACT FORM.
We carry a variety of Pumps and Sleeves, including BIO-COMPRESSION.

How To Order A Compression Pump |

Lymphedema Pump

Ordering a compression pump starts with a call to our specialists. We are very knowledgeable about all aspects of lymphedema/venous insufficiency and know which pumps are best for certain conditions/symptoms.

During our call, we will go over the requirements to get a compression pump and answer any questions/concerns you may have.

You may qualify to get a compression pump covered by your insurance and we take care of the authorization process.

Does Medicare Pay For Leg Compression Pumps (lymphedema pump)?

Medicare has covered pneumatic compression pumps for the treatment of lymphedema since 1986. As long as you meet the criteria and your doctor completes the Medicare required paperwork, you may be covered.

How To Get Approved For Your Lymphedema Pump?


Our specialist will send you an intake package with a set of paperwork needed to start the process of getting a compression pump/sleeves.

As soon as we receive the intake information completed, within 24 hours, we will have the insurance required paperwork sent to the doctor’s office and start an insurance authorization.

We will contact your doctor directly to get the required forms so you can get your compression pump covered by insurance.

Shipping. We ship the device UPS or Priority USPS.

We gladly accept MEDICARE and most other insurances. If you need more information please call 800 854-0335 or complete CONTACT FORM.
We carry a variety of Pumps and Sleeves, including BIO-COMPRESSION.

How To Use A Compression Pump?

While using the compression device, set yourself up comfortably; you can watch TV, use a computer/phone, read etc  if you’d like.

For compression therapy on your legs: 

Sit on a couch, a bed, or a reclining chair, somewhere where your legs are stretch out in front of you. You should not lay down flat; you should be sitting or semi-sitting. (It’s OK to be in bed with a few pillows propped behind you, just don’t lay flat. You should follow your doctor’s orders regarding use, however, here are a few suggestions.

Start by using the pump 3x a day for  45-60 minutes. If that’s not possible, 2x a day for at least 60-75 minutes is OK too. Try to schedule pump use into your daily routine so it is as easy a transition as possible. Your end goal is to use the pump once a day or every other day, usually in the evening for 45 minutes or so. Remember, lymphedema is not curable, but it can be controlled by using the pump.

Compression therapy for arm lymphedema:

Sit on a chair or couch with your arm propped to breast level.  Follow the protocol as described above.

Total Compression Pumps provides excellent customer service and warranty

We have many years of experience dealing with compression devices and getting them authorized for the patients.

We have excellent customer service and are available to help you with your needs.

Our garments can accommodate very large patients. They zip on, not velcro, so they last longer. Pressure setting can be adjusted by the patient as the need for more or less pressure arises.

Depending on which brand of compression pump you get, the warranty is from 1-3 years.

Do you need a prescription for a lymphedema pump?

A prescription from a licensed physician is required to order/purchase a lymphedema pump. Please call us to help you get a prescription from your doctor.  +1 800 854-0335.

Does Medicare pay for leg compression pumps?

Yes. Most insurances cover 80-100% of the cost, so your out-of-pocket expense can be $0.- $400.00.  If you don’t have insurance or, if you have a high deductible, we can offer you very good prices, starting at $600.00.

How much does a lymphedema pump cost?

A compression pump and one arm or one leg sleeve can start as low as  $600.00 and, depending on your needs and which pump you choose, can cost as much as $3500.00. Of course, insurance usually covers most, if not all, of the cost.

Shipping costs of a lymphedema pump

We ship the device UPS or Priority USPS.  We currently ship throughout the US Shipping costs are  $25.00 – $35.00.

Call us to learn more.   +1 800 854-0335.

Lymphedema pump sizes

Lymphedema Sleeves work specifically with the compression pump. These lymphedema sleeves come in a variety of types and sizes. We can fit very large sizes. We do get your measurements before shipment to ensure a proper fit. 

Click here to access our arm measurement form.

Click here to access our leg measurement form.

What is included with my lymphedema pump?

Your lymphedema pump will come with a sequential,  pneumatic compression device (the make and model your doctor prescribed) and at least one sleeve, complete with connection hoses  There are instructions, warranty, and care instructions as well.

How do I use my lymphedema pump?

You should sit in an upright position with extremity(s) raised.  A recliner/couch, bed, for legs; a chair or sofa for an arm. The sleeve will be zipped up, the pump turned on, the timer set, and the pressure set to whatever mmHg was prescribed by the doctor.  We consult your physician regarding the treatment plan.  You can relax, do work, read, etc. during your effective and quiet treatment.

The following is an example of conditions as well as the frequency and duration of time required to use the pump.

Condition Distal Pressure Duration Frequency
Post-stroke, paralysis, pregnancy 40 mmHg 1 hour 2x/day
Post-surgery or injury 40 mmHg 30-60 min 2x/day
Mild lymphedema 40-50 mmHg 1 hour 3x /day
Moderate to severe lymphedema 50-60 mmHg 1  hour 3x /day
Post phlebitic syndrome, venous insufficiency 50 mmHg 1 hour 3x/day
Venous stasis ulcers 20-30 mmHg 30-60  min 2x/day
How much compression do you need for lymphedema?

Your treatment plan will be prescribed. Your compression pump will come with a detailed treatment plan and thorough instructions on how to use the compression pump and sleeves.

How often should you use a lymphedema pump?

Most treatment plans prescribe the use of a lymphedema pump 2-3 times a day. 

Does a compression pump come with a compression sleeve?

Yes. Each compression pump will come with either one or two sleeves, depending on your needs and what your doctor prescribes.

How long does a lymphedema pump last?

Many people have had their compression pump/sleeves for many years.  Insurance will cover a new pump every 5 years.  There is a good warranty which lasts between 1-3 years, depending on the make and model.