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What is Lymphedema?

Your lymphatic system is crucial to keeping your body healthy. It circulates lymph fluid throughout your body, collecting bacteria, viruses and waste products. Your lymphatic system carries this fluid, as well as the harmful substances, through your lymph vessels and into your lymph nodes. The wastes are then filtered out and ultimately flushed from your body.

Lymphedema occurs when your lymph vessels and nodes are unable to adequately drain lymph fluid, usually from an arm or leg.

Lymphedema can be either primary (hereditary) or secondary (from outside factors).

How does a person get lymphedema?

  • Cancer– any cancer whereby cancer cells block the lymphatic vessels can cause lymphedema. Most common causes; breast cancer, melanoma, cervical or vulval cancer, and prostate cancer.
  • Damage to Lymph nodes and Lymph vessels– Caused by surgery, trauma, radiation, burns, tumors, and accidental injury.
  • Venous Diseases-include certain cardiac conditions and affect blood flow and damage veins, causing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI); CVI, Venous Stasis Ulcers, DVT (blood clot) and Varicose Veins are venous diseases that can lead to Lymphedema.
  • Infection– Lymph nodes can be damaged by an infection (cellulitis) or by a parasite.
  • Inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis and eczema may damage lymph nodes.
  • Immobility-due to stationary lifestyle, prolonged illness, lengthy plane/car trips and paralysis and Obesity, due to blocked lymphatic channels.

Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. It results from a blockage in your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling. While there is presently no cure for lymphedema, it can be managed with early diagnosis and diligent care of your affected limb. Source: Mayoclinic.

Do compression pumps work for lymphedema?

Yes. Compression pumps or lymphedema pumps provide fluid movement and relief. When you use a lymphedema pump for arm conditions, it fits like a sleeve on your body and you can sit comfortably while it does its work.

Note: you’ll need a prescription to get a compression pump. Click here to learn more about how to order a lymphedema pump, lymphedema pump price, shipping, warranty, etc.

Before & after photos of Lymphedema

All below photos were taken between 20-65 days after starting the use of a Compression Device






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Pneumatic Compression Pumps/ Lymphedema pumps are the easiest and most cost-effective way to treat lymphedema. A Lymphedema/ Compression Pump is today’s efficient and cost effective treatment for your swelling, discomfort and pain.

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Your satisfaction and well-being are important to us. We provide compression pumps throughout the United States, as well as overseas. if you do not have insurance, or if you have a high deductible, we will work to get you an affordable compression pump.

The treatment of Lymphedema in the early stages can lead to a more productive and comfortable life with fewer complications. Lymphedema, undiagnosed or improperly treated, can cause many serious health problems: chronic pain and sensitivity, restricted mobility, venous stasis ulcers and infections, to name a few.

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