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Compression Pumps & Devices

Total Compression Pumps is a leading provider of Pneumatic Compression Pumps. Our dedicated team of specialists work hard to provide you with devices to fit your individual needs. We are very knowledgeable in the field of Lymphedema and Venous Insufficiency and are available to answer any questions.

We offer a wide selection of Compression Pumps, Lymphedema Pumps, DVT Pumps, Lymphedema, PAD Pumps, and more.

 What are Compression Pumps?

Compression Pumps, also known as Intermittent  Pneumatic Sequential Compression devices (IPC)or (SCD) treat various conditions such as Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency and DVT’s. The pump mimics the bodies’ own lymphatic system to help stagnant fluid get transported and eliminated from  the body, while  promoting better circulation. This process results in a reduction of pain and  swelling of the limbs as well as the  healing of ulcers and wounds. Our company does not just provide a medical device, we provide a healthier way to live.

How do Compression Devices Work?

Compression Pumps are pneumatic devices that are connected to leg or arm garments with tubing.

The pump works by compressing upward the excess stagnant/pooled fluid in the extremities caused by various lymph, vein, circulatory or surgical issues.

The garments have at least  4-8 chambers; the compression starts at the bottom of the extremity and the pump compresses the fluid upward, sequentially, through each chamber of the garment until it gets to an  area of the body where it gets absorbed and  eliminated.

The sleeve deflates and begins the process again.

They are quite effective in reducing symptoms, are comfortable and can be used with ease in the home.

Benefits of Pneumatic Compression Devices

Every patient is unique. This is why our caring team members will assist you to get your prescription and indications. The pneumatic compression treatment can help with the following symptoms:

  • Eliminate swelling/edema/pain  in arms,legs, abdomen, trunk, chest, shoulder
  • Promote  blood circulation in the body which provides better health.
  • Provides better mobility and lifestyle.
  • Prevents/treats ulcers and wounds
  • Prevents and lower the risk of DVT (Blood clots)

Why Choose Us?

We have many years of experience dealing with compression devices and getting them authorized for the patients.

Our compression devices are sequential and gradient. They are highly rated and effective and provide continuous, at home therapy that significantly, benefits the patient’s condition. They do work!

Our garments can accommodate very large patients. They zip on, not velcro,  so they last longer. Pressure setting can be adjusted by the patient as the need for more or less pressure arises.

We are highly reputable, accredited and honest company. Our pumps have a good warranty and our exceptional customer service dept. Is always available.

Frequent Asked Questions

Who uses compression devices?

Compression pumps used by people who have swelling/edema/poor circulation/pain in their extremities, usually in the arms or legs but it’s also found in the abdomen, groin, trunk area as well as the shoulder and chest area.  The pumps are used by people to treat such conditions as Cancer, lymphedema, cardiac conditions, Venous Insufficiency, varicose veins, poor circulations,Cardiac Conditions, PAD, Diabetes, Obesity.

How much do compression pumps cost?

Compression pumps are covered by most insurances as long as your doctor completes the insurance required paperwork. Most insurances cover 80-100% of the cost, so your out of pocket expense will be $0.- $250.00.  If you don’t have insurance or, if you have a high deductible, we can offer you very good prices, starting at $600.00.

How long should I use a leg compression device?

Of course, you should always follow the advice of your doctor however, we do generally recommend that, in the beginning (first week or two) you use the pump 3x a day for 1 hour, to jump start the process of eliminating the excess fluid. Eventually, you will use the pump once a day for 45-60 minutes. We also  advise that you don’t stop using the compression device as lymphedema/venous insufficiency/ specific swelling conditions, are not curable  but can be controlled with the pump.

Lymphedema pumps for sale? How does it work?

You can get a lymphedema pumps covered by your insurance. We take care of the approval process for you. We will send your doctor the required paperwork. Most insurances cover 80-100% of the cost, so your out of pocket expense will be $0.- $250.00.  If you don’t have insurance or, if you have a high deductible, we can offer you very good prices, starting at $600.00.

Call us to learn more.

Who cannot use a Lymphedema pump?

Pneumatic compression is contraindicated for the patients with:

  1. Congestive heart failure
  2. Deep Vein Thrombosis
  3. Inflammatory phlebitis or episodes of pulmonary embolism
  4. Infections in the limb, including cellulitis, without appropriate antibiotic coverage
  5. Presence of lymphangiosarcoma

(By order of a physician only)

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Is there a pump for DVT?

Yes. DVT COMPRESSION PUMPS are recommended by doctors to help patients who have suffered from DVT, after the blood clot has been dissolved. This pump is also recommended for patients who have a family history and would like to prevent DVT. The compression/DVT pump helps with blood circulation and flow, assists muscle contraction and prevents swelling, which are all vital in preventing blood clots from forming. PLEASE CALL 800 854-0335 or complete Contact Form for additional information.

Lymphedema pumps near me

If you are looking for a lymphedema pump near me, we can help. We ship to most states. Our lymphedema pumps are covered by most insurances. Just give us a call to learn more about the process. +1 800 854-0335 – Tel.

We are located in Austin, Texas.


Lymphedema before and after treatment

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