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Pumps & Devices

We accept Medicare and most insurances.
We carry a variety of compression pumps and garments including Airos & Bio Compression.

Our company not only provides an effective medical device, we provide a healthier lifestyle for you.

At TCP, we are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

What are Compression Pumps?

Compression Pumps, also known as Intermittent Pneumatic Sequential Compression Devices (IPC) or (SCD), treat various conditions such as Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Lipedema.

Clinical evidence supports the fact that compression pumps are effective in treating these conditions. Our pneumatic compression pumps mimic the lymphatic system and aid the circulatory system which makes them quite effective in alleviating pain, reducing symptoms and promoting a healthier lifestyle for you.

No more spending time traveling to and from appointments. Our devices are comfortable and can be used with ease in your home, making treatment available to you 24 hours a day. If need be, we will help you choose the best device for your condition and gladly answer any questions you have.

You deserve to live your best life, let us help you do that!

I had immediate return contact from Total Compression Pumps. They began working on my case immediately and I received my compression pump quickly. Excellent service.

Greg M.Oregon

I am so happy I finally found out about this pump. My legs feel so much better, and they are getting smaller day by day. I can walk better, and I sleep without pain. I can wear my old size shoes. The pump really does work!

M. Douglas,Bedford,TX

I cannot thank Total Compression and John enough for all the hard work. John was very knowledgeable and helped me choose the right device for my condition. He was professional and worked quickly. I’ve had my pump for a month, and I love it and I love the results. My legs look so much better. I am so happy I choose this company!

Mary CWestchester, NY

The lymphedema pump came quickly and works great! My swelling decreases every day. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough times.’ You are a ‘one of a kind’ health care provider who cares about people!” My legs feel much better, this pump does work.

C. RetonBoston, Mass

Why choose us?

Extensive experience

We have many years of experience providing compression pumps and garments / sleeves. We work diligently with your doctor’s office and insurance company to swiftly get your device  approved

Highly rated

Our compression devices are sequential and gradient. They are highly rated, have a good warranty and are effective. They will provide continuous at home treatment that will significantly benefit your condition. They really do work!

Honest company

We are an accredited and honest company. We have an  exceptional customer service department that is always available for your questions. Read our testimonials to see what people think about us.

Total Compression Pumps

We offer a wide selection of Compression Pumps, Lymphedema Pumps, DVT Pumps, Lymphedema, PAD Pumps, and more.

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